What is MyThyme?

MyThyme is our new rewards program that offers access to personalized coupons, punchcard rewards, digital copies of your receipts, a shopping list feature, and so much more!

How do I sign up for MyThyme?

Signing up is as simple as downloading the “Fresh Thyme” mobile app from either the Google Play or Apple App store. You can also sign up from the Fresh Thyme website at www.freshthyme.com/mythyme

How do I redeem digital coupons in store?

Once you are ready to checkout, simply tap on “Checkout” from within your mobile app, and your phone will present you with a personalized MyThyme Barcode. When prompted by the cashier, simply hold your phone up to the scanner which will beep after itA�successfullyA�reads your barcode. All coupons that you have added to your shopping list will be instantly applied after scanning your MyThyme barcode.

What types of rewards can I earn?

You can always view a list of the available deals and rewards from within your mobile app or from the Fresh Thyme website. New deals and rewards can appear at any time, and some may be unique to a particular Fresh Thyme location.

How do “punchcard rewards” work?

Punch-card rewards are earned by purchasing a particular product a certain number of times, to earn either free products or discounts. If a digital punchcard reward is available, simply scan your MyThyme barcode at checkout each time you purchase a qualifying product. For example, if you are participating in a “Buy 10 Pizzas Get 1 Free” punchcard reward, you will be able to track your progress from within your MyThyme account each time you purchase a pizza and scan your barcode at checkout.

How do I redeem a reward in store?

After you’ve earned a reward, simply tap the “Redeem” button and the reward will be added to your shopping list. When you scan your MyThyme barcode at checkout any rewards that were added to your shopping list will be automatically applied.

What if I click to redeem a reward, but then don’t use it?

If you attempt to redeem a reward via our mobile app or on our website, but then that reward is not scanned by the cashier, the reward will become available again within 24 hours and your points will not be affected.

I think I am missing credits within my punchcard reward. What can I do?

Please remember that it can take more than 24 hours for your qualified purchases to be credited to the punchcard rewards within your account. If after 24 hours you believe there is an error please use the “Support” button found within the navigation panel on your mobile app, or sent us a note online by selecting the “MyThyme” option within the drop-down menu on our Contact Us page.

How do I redeem coupons or rewards without a smartphone?

If you aren’t able to download our mobile app, you can login to our website from any desktop computer and print out your “shopping list” which will include your MyThyme barcode. Take this printout into your local Fresh Thyme and scan your MyThyme barcode to instantly apply any coupons or rewards you added to your shopping list online.

I have additional questions about MyThyme, who can I ask for help?

If you are using our mobile app simply tap the “Support” link from within the main menu to contact our MyThyme customer service. If you prefer to contact us online you can choose “MyThyme” from our drop-down menu on the Fresh Thyme Contact Us page:A�www.freshthyme.com/contact-us.